Saturday, May 18, 2013

straight delirious.

** disclaimer: i started writing this last night and then fell asleep and i dont feel like going through and updating to past tense.**

i don't really understand how i'm still awake, other than my body thinking that it on 630, not 930pm. either way, i just ordered some delicious thai food thanks to seamless. yelp wasn't cutting it, and i walked around the neighborhood i'm staying in and i just wasnt having it.

okay, before the food coma sets in, here's what i did today:

- landed at 5am at JFK
- got a chocolate honey glazed Dunkin Donut and a hazelnut iced coffee - there coffee really is that good.
- waited around the airport until 7am-ish so that i could go drop off my luggage and the place would be open.
- spent half an hour trying to figure out how to get out of JFK airport - way easier than initially thought. WAYYYYYYY easier.
- got to penn station, lugged everything upstairs because i was too tired to realize that there were elevators. duh.
- checked my luggage at the storage place.
- went and took pictures of MSG (even though it's under construction) and the big post office steps that were really pretty. 
- saw macy's from where i was standing, walked over to check it out - took pictures and reveled in the moment and how much i freaking love The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I'm so weird. 
- walked out the opposite side of the store, found Herald Square and a stand of Chef Tom Colicchio's sandwich place 'wichcraft and proceeded to have more breakfast since it was now 9am. Gruyere and caramelized onions on rye, the shop's version of a grilled cheese. so good. perfectly salty, sweet and savory. umami! it was wonderful. i also got a latte with my sandwich because the other coffee was wearing off and i was dragging.
- finished said sandwich and then spilled half my latte across the table in the middle of the Herald Square park. YAY! It's not like I wanted it or anything. ugh. proceeded to clean it up.
- From there, I walked around the corner and found Times Square, walked around, took pictures. that place is overwhelming but incredibly calm at the same time. 
- walked over to Rockefeller center, took pictures of some fountains and the outside of Radio City.
- walked down the wrong street about 50 times and went around in about 40 circles. 
- went down to the Lower East Side to eat lunch at Sauce Restaurant. best decision i made all day.
- my phone got pooped on by a bird. it was my phone and only my phone too. weird.
- splattered tomato gravy on my butter yellow scarf that i had managed to keep unscathed up until this point. 
- went and charged my phone at starbucks, then headed to get my luggage and get to the house to check in.
- port authority is insane. 
- got to jersey! lugged my stuff off the bus, then to the house that i'm staying in. 100% serious, this place is amazing. there's a reason the owner has 500+ reviews on airbnb. my bed is SO COMFY, the house itself is great. it feels like you're spending the night at a friend's house, not in a sterile (or not so sterile) hotel. everything here is clean, and so nice, so well kept. I told the owner when she stopped by yesterday that i wanted to take the house home with me! the kitchen is great, the sectional couch is like a vortex and you never want to get up and the shower head is a rain fall one that is at least 6 inches above my head. super score on that. 
- took a walk around the neighborhood i'm staying in looking for a place to eat, but i didn't want anything the locals offered (mostly Central American food), so i ordered some amazing thai food. ate that up, and finally got to bed. 

this morning (Saturday) i was woken up by chirpy birds outside my window and i proceeded to fall right back asleep as it was 5am. i woke up about an hour ago, gonna go repurpose the rest of my fried rice into breakfast and get ready for the day. my friend Kristin is on her way from pennsylvania to spend the weekend here with me. i'm so freaking excited. we're headed to The Great Googa Mooga food and music fest in brooklyn to eat fun things and to see Matt & Kim perform tonight. soooo stoked. then we're probably going to brunch and sightseeing a bunch tomorrow before she has to go home. 

honestly, i like New York a lot more than i thought i would and can't wait to come back here. and that's just after a day! i have to figure out how to load the pictures from my camera to my ipad, and once i do, i'll be sure to post some! mostly food, and architecture so far. but after today, probably more of that, actually. this trip is off to a great start, lets just hope it stays this great and that one Tuesday and Wednesday, i make all 4 flights to Venice! 


  1. wow, sounds like such a great adventure! And, staying at a b&b! What a great idea!! I always stay in hotels in NY... hmmm, I will have to ask you about that! Cant wait to read more!!!

    1. Royce,

      Check out There are some great places to stay there. I wish these were available years ago when I was travelling more.