Monday, March 11, 2013

my favorites

Podcasts and local food blogs are becoming my (not so) new favorite things. Here are the best ones in my book: Zach Brooks (from and Chuck P (from KCRW/@chuckp8) host this awesome show. They talk to musicians who love food and hunt for great places while on tour and they talk to chefs who love music. It's an initer an awesome site that posts recipes, links, and general ideas about food. Check out their post about 16 food related TED talks (and who doesn't love a good TED talk, amiright?) / @theyellowtable: I just so happened across this awesome blog last night when someone I follow on instagram posted about a "#GnocchiFaceOff" that the blog's author was hosting. Not only is this an AMAZING idea that I need to do, but her site is great. / @forkly: I LOVE the internet sometimes. Not only have I discovered amazing sites, but I've been able to connect with a few of them as well. Forkly is one of them, and I'm anxiously awaiting the release of their app for Android. More than that, I can't freaking wait for them to have an event here in LA so that I can meet some of the people behind such a great idea. The app looks awesome, enhances but doesn't change the look of food in the pictures you take and lets you write concise "reviews" of different places. / @food52: I love their daily emails, the contests and the community of this site. It's so amazing! I could go on and on, but a place where homecooks and chefs come together to make good recipes great in a very accessible way is always good.

I could keep going, but I'll save it for another post somewhere down the road. If you decide to follow me on twitter, you'll see I talk about food, so you can always see what I like by doing just that!

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