Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Italy did not disappoint in the food department and Sunday was probably the best day by far. Sunday was grappa day as we headed toward Bassano del Grappa and an infamous bruschetta restaurant that Jen went to with some of her friends in December while Scott was down range. 

Sunday morning it rained harder than all of Saturday, but was beautiful by the time we got there. The previous days rain had washed everything clean, however my allergies were back and with a vengeance. My eyes were bloodshot all day, but it didn't matter because BDG was amazing overall and the bruschetta restaurant was as good as Jen had advertised, better, really. 

It was too great for words, so here are pictures instead.

On top of amazing food and a beautiful view of everything, Bassano del Grappa is also a big city in WWII history. That huge beautiful bridge was bombed multiple times, lastly by the Nazis and you can see some wreckage throughout the city that was built around. The row of trees in the picture was rather humbling. Its called the Viale dei Martiri and it is were 33 partisans were hung from the trees by the Nazis as a statement to show the remaining partisans in the area their power. Each tree has a name with a cross or a picture on it with each person's name.

quite a wonderful city with lots of history. this is the link to the city's wikipedia and the goitaly site. if you get the chance, go here and you wont be disappointed. 

we went to Marostica on the way back to Vicenza and stopped at a grappa store that Scott loves to get some of the goods. I bought chocolate cherry grappa and I can't wait to see ow that tastes over some ice cream. We walked around a bit and looked at the castle from the bottom of the mountain.. It's pretty cool, the city hosts a human chess game ever year, which is basically Harry Potter come to life. 

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