Tuesday, June 18, 2013


While staying with Jen and Scott in Marola, I got to see a lot of the surrounding areas of Vicenza, but hadn't gotten a proper tour of the city center. On Monday of my week in Italy (it was also Scott's last day of his 4 day weekend), we headed to town. According to Jen the historian, Vicenza used to be a rather wealthy and influential city, this was rather evident in the architecture, the layout of the city and the massive plazas and things that you didn't see in the smaller cities, but is still somewhat influential due to it's location.

The wikipedia page does this city much more justice then I could ever do. The food in the area was great, the gelato heavenly and the cobblestones abundant.

The day was great, seeing parts of the city that I hadn't previously seen and enjoying yet another beautiful but not so touristy city.

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